We attract what we fear

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay 

There are many laws in the universe which affect our life, unfortunately, not many are aware of them thus suffer the consequences. One of these laws concerns fear, for this reason it is wise to be mindful of our thoughts and actions. Universal laws are basically rules of energy, they are automatic and instant.

If you are one of those people who like to observe life you may have already noticed the pattern in some of your actions. For every action there is a reaction. In the case of fear, whatever it is that we are afraid of-we attract. It may sound like some kind of sick joke but it’s true.

Life is meant to be lived, not run from, for this reason those who live from the center of their hearts live a life of happiness and freedom because they are facing life head-on. What is meant to happen will happen and nothing anyone says or does can stop it. Granted there are always some odd cases which fall off the typical spectrum, but for the most part life follows a certain pattern of laws.

When we learn to have faith in a higher power we move through life with more confidence and less fear. We must also remember that within us is a spark of that higher power and that we too are powerful and can co-create a better life. Self-confidence allows us to be more focused and steady in our actions and goals, we don’t get easily discouraged or distracted by nuisances which may bother those with little to no faith.

When we are faced with a situation which challenges us we always have a choice to choose love over fear, one will empower us, the other will not. At the end of the day we must choose how our story will go, will we be brave and courageous or will we be fearful and cowardly? The choice is in our hands.

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