A valuable way to reduce stress

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay 

There is a way to live in the world that allows us to be at peace with the ups and downs of day-to-day life. That is practicing non-attachment. When you can be at peace with something regardless of whether or not it comes to fruition, you attain true riches- inner peace.

I learned to practice this years ago when I found myself suffering at the hands of uncertainty, I realized that I was becoming a slave to external circumstances that I could not control and so long as I placed my power outside myself I would suffer. It is then that I decided to learn to be at peace with external events, I learned to detach myself from any outcome, positive or not.

I took my power back and put it in a place where I could control it-from within. I made it a practice that whenever I scheduled to be somewhere or scheduled time with someone I would just let it go. I made sure that I had a plan B in case it fell through or that I would at least enjoy the journey there, that I would simply enjoy being present wherever it is that I was.

Creating this practice years ago has saved me from a lot of unnecessary stress and allowed me to truly enjoy and use my time more effectively. We don’t get our time back so it behooves us to make the best use of it and be grateful for every moment we have. Let’s make time work for us not against us, let it serve us and fill us, not stress us and above all- let love speak.

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