Wake up, America!


The more I learn about this amazing thing called the human body the more amazed I am at the power it has. The more I learn about energy and the source from which it is created the more I realize how much power we have to control our lives. The more I learn, the more empowered I become to lead my own life and not have it be dictated by ‘unforeseen’ circumstances.

The vast amount of information that is now available through the internet is enough to teach oneself just about any skill out there, but what catches people’s attention? Pop culture says that it’s drugs, sex, and alcohol. I’ve seen statements made about America being dumbed down and I’m starting to believe it, I feel as though we are starting to lose our freedoms all because of fear. But it’s challenging to keep these rights when the majority of people are distracted by the media on things that are of less importance like finding out what the Kardashians are doing.

Let’s take our health care system for example, from the perspective of someone who is aware of her body as being an energy field and not just a mass pile of muscles and organs, it is a mess and it does not serve the people- it serves the money system. The only time I plan on going to the doctor is if I need to have surgery, otherwise, I will not step into the doctor’s office. My experiences at clinics have not been very favorable, I’ve had to deal with people who are insensitive or don’t know what they are doing.

Parents are now forced to vaccinate their children with chemicals if they want them to go to school, it is no longer a matter of choice, it is a right that is taken from parents and put into the hands of the system. Women’s rights are also being intruded upon by the attack on Planned Parenthood which supports hundreds of women take better care of their needs.

How about mental health? A disaster, I say it by experience unfortunately. It is the coldest system I’ve been in, it made me feel like a piece of trash on the road, the first thing they will try to do of course is offer medication- I refused because I didn’t want to become dependent on something outside of myself. I’m grateful that I didn’t get lost in the pipeline like many other souls do; I’ve found natural methods and inner strength to move on from my moments of darkness. The people on Skid Row,unfortunately, are the results of a system that sees them as flesh and bones and not the eternal life and soul that resides within every sentient being. We can transcend dark moments in a more dignified way; it doesn’t have to be like this, wake up America! Here is an article of a shaman who helps a man with Schizophrenia heal-yes, it’s possible! I myself have healed through the help of shaman; I am a living breathing example of what a different approach to health is. Inform yourself, empower yourself. Peace.


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