Speak your truth


“Once you label me you negate me.”- Soren Kierkegaard

There is a price to pay for speaking your truth, especially if that truth breaks the barriers and the norms of society. It intrudes into the comfort zone of the mind and all the laws that it creates. Indeed, it is a great challenge for the truth speaker to overcome, to be outcast, ridiculed, and maybe even punished for speaking that which is true to them. What is meant to be a blessing from heaven may be seen as evil in the eyes of the indoctrinated, they are not ready to be free, to see beyond the barriers of the mind.

To be in truth is to be in heart because it is from heart which we are guided by our creator. The mind fears this and thus attacks anything or anyone that tries to take over its ‘power.’

I look back on the life of Jesus Christ and see this applying to his time; he came forth with a truth which was far beyond the time of the people who he preached it to. It is a truth that did not follow the guidelines of the book which was being used to control the masses at that time, it’s a truth to help free people from bondage, it is because of this that the people of power prosecuted him. They did not want the people to be free so they used their power to put them against him.

I see this happening now with the new agers, the new information; it is a threat to the powers that control the masses. Our prayers have been strong and are being answered, yet there are powers that attempt to suppress our voice of freedom and peace.

For the truth speakers out there; remember you are strong, remember we are here to support you, do not lose faith, times may be challenging but it is part of the game, we can do this!

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