Wonder-Full Wednesday


Sometimes I feel like Snow White, the animals are friendly and I talk to them and they understand me. I love smelling the sage bushes and black sage along the trail that I hike on, it all feels like riches to me. Yesterday as I lay soaking in the sun and absorbing the earth’s energy a dog named Max walked around my body and picked up my sock in his mouth, I could hear his owner saying ‘No, Max, leave it alone!’ but Max just walked off with my sock. His mom eventually returned my sock, it wasn’t until I went to put it on that I realized it was covered in dog slobber :p haha. Moments earlier I was enjoying the view atop the hillside overlooking the California coast, I started to sing a song that came to me and I sang it to the heavens above, suddenly I could hear a bird flapping its wings and perching nearby, it too started to sing along with me. After a while the bird then left just as quickly as it came.

Being in nature really helps heal me unlike anything else, it brings a calmness to me, it is the one thing that makes sense to me and the one thing that I find always real. I find the magic of life among nature and its natural inhabitants, it goes beyond anything man made or material, it is my root. I find peace in nature, it helps bring some sanity amongst all the noise of a city life, to find this balance is a blessing.

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