Conscious healing

Image by wendy CORNIQUET from Pixabay 

In order to heal, we must first recognize that we are ill; this requires introspection and honesty because we cannot heal what we do not acknowledge. Often the ego will avoid the healing process at all costs and block anything/anyone that attempts to take its power away-your pain and suffering. This can be a very humbling experience because we become aware of our shadow and suddenly we are aware of our own actions. We become aware that we have been the source of our own pain and suffering, repeating behaviors picked up due to trauma or other events.

As painful as this process can be it allows us to take ownership of our life and move it in the direction that we desire, to a place of true freedom and self-empowerment. We are no longer the victims of our unconscious habits or a past that no longer serves us. We take our power back by acting in a more loving and conscious manner. We get to live life, our life, and not that of a self-limiting unconscious person like a puppet of the ego. This is beauty, the kingdom from which we come; it is the ultimate truth and the light which many seek lifetime after lifetime.

Now the question is, do we have the courage to heal? Are we willing to undergo the painful process of releasing that which no longer serves us? Can we fully commit? The power is in our hands, it’s up to us to choose.

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