Why you shouldn’t believe everything I say

Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay 

A big lesson I learned on my path is that trust is an internal job, just like happiness is, I had to learn to listen to my truth and trust it. It was one of my biggest lessons and at the same time biggest blessings to learn how to trust myself, to listen to my inner guidance. It is the one thing that our Creator has given us as a self-defense system in this material world, it’s foolproof. This is also one of the biggest obstacles in many of humanity’s paths towards liberation. All too often I see people hand over their freedom in exchange for the comfort of a lie, it is said that the truth shall set you free, yet many turn a blind eye to it.

Who are the people we hand over our freedom to? So-called ‘leaders,’ and ‘experts,’ we say ‘yes,’ I agree with you, with everything you have to say without using our internal compass, our heart, our being to see what its truth is, what is YOUR truth? What may be poison for one person may be medicine for another. I practice holistic medicine because my being is in alignment with it, yet if I am in need of surgery for some reason I will go to western medicine. I don’t take pills or anything for the common cold because I have built my immune system so that it clears out the disharmony on its own, I simply support it with its needs. There is a balance, any extreme causes illness. On the other hand, the majority of people are still asleep to the powers within their body, and even more so they pollute their body with toxic substances, the medicine that I use for my body would not alleviate their pain at all. This is the reason why I respect all beings on whatever path they are, there is no reason for me to impose my beliefs on anyone. There is a divine plan and we are all part of it.

Another issue in society is our extreme disconnection to our temple, our body. Through therapy, I have learned to tune into my body, to honor it, and listen to it. It is the place where Source dwells and it is where our connection and communication to Source is directly linked. Once I healed this relationship I began hearing my truth, I reclaimed my freedom and my connection to God. It was the one key that was missing in my life and the most important of all.
Honor yourself, honor your truth, trust your path. Only those who are empty of themselves will demand that you obey them and hand over your freedom, your God-given freedom, say no! You are loved unconditionally by the Creator of all time and space, honor that, nurture that, be free!

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