Bypassing the human experience of love.

Many souls cycle through the human experience, time after time until they complete their karma and attain freedom from birth and death. Yet many problems arise once on Earth, they get caught up in the illusion of reality- the third dimension, they forget who they are and where they come from, but most importantly, they forget why they came here in the first place. The human experience and the journey towards liberation can be a very challenging one for those who carry a lot of karma, yet it’s the whole reason why we are here. We didn’t come here as four-legged animals to graze on grass, or as winged birds to soar the sky, we came into the human experience for a reason. And although it may come with its challenges there is much from it that one can enjoy, things that can only be experienced here on Earth in human form, perhaps it’s also the reason why some don’t want to leave.

Attachment to things keeps one tied to the material world, be it due to material objects such as money, cars, and jewelry, or pleasures such as food and sex. Yet the most fulfilling experience of life on Earth is love, once one is able to experience love in its purity nothing in the material world can match it. Many people spend many lifetimes looking for love in all the wrong places trying to fill the void that is inside. Others want to spend lifetimes with their romantic partner. It is often seen, however, that the only lover that spiritual masters want is that of God/Goddess because our creator is the fountain of all and thus fulfills any and all needs beyond imagination. So why do so many people fear opening their hearts to the experience of love? Why are we afraid of expressing love to one another, especially platonic love?

Love is the one constant that unites all things and all people, it is the essence beneath our entire existence, and yet, many fear it. Is it because they don’t recognize it? Or is it because they have been trained to only see it in a limited manner, such as romantic love for example? There are many forms of love, not just romantic. There is love between a mother and child, a pet and its owner, love of God/Goddess/Creator, etc. Love has many forms and has been written about for many, many years, yet it can only be experienced directly. Robots cannot experience love, hence why being a human is something unique, it is a gift. People move mountains because of love, it drives the human spirit.

There are those who are stuck in fear, due to past karma, poor decisions, or whatnot, who don’t know what love really is and are actually repelled by love. They are the ones destroying the planet. This is why love is so important, this is why, rather than keeping our walls up, we need to bring them down in order to let love in and allow its power to run through us. Once we become channels of love we can set the example for others to follow because being human is a beautiful thing. Love is an experience worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Bypassing the human experience of love.

  1. I believe in what you have expressed here my friend. The journey is in keeping one’s heart space open in orderto allow in the Light of love and expand into its immense beauty. For me, this is my mission and where I return to joy, peace and harmony within myself and the flow of life all around me. Happy trails❤

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