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Only when we understand our own darkness can we have compassion for others. When we reach the bottom and can see how we have unconsciously made mistakes despite our intentions to do well, we can understand how others are just as human as we are. The human condition can be a huge challenge for some souls to undertake; it breaks us down and makes us do things to avoid the pain of living on earth.

Some have drifted so far from source that happiness is just a word on paper and pain is all they know, their world is true darkness. For those of us who have traversed both worlds, we understand, we see it, we have lived it and survived.

Love is still the answer, there is no other way. How can we break the illusion of separation without love? We can’t, we need love. What is love in a world where values are misplaced and forgotten?

The truth is many don’t know what love is and that is because no one has ever truly loved them and showed them what love is. The only form of love that many know of is that which is projected onto them from mass media- toxic love, distorted love- and that is no love at all; it is a distortion of what is real, of the truth. True love, divine love, uplifts, fills, challenges, and helps you grow. Nature is a great demonstrator of love because it is direct from source; it is not distorted, unlike human love. Connect with nature and you will see how vast and expansive love truly is, you will see its abundance, its intelligence- that is love.

Our creator loves us unconditionally, there are no limits, no strings attached, just love, pure love. This is the source of all sources yet very few touch upon it because many fall prey to the illusion of love in all the wrong places. Within the bosom of all hearts sits all the love we will ever need, but how can we tune into it if we are disconnected from source? Many wander mindlessly through life connected to a device that sucks the life out of them- the cell phone. There are many tools to connect within, however, we must be willing to cultivate that fountain one day at a time, and for some souls- one lifetime at a time, until they are free. When we experience true love we are free because love is free, until then we must pray, act, and use our will as best as possible towards a more conscious love-filled life.

3 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. The truth is many don’t know what love is and that is because no one has ever truly loved them and showed them what love is. —what a sad statement but absolutely true!

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