Why is self-love an important part of a healthy life?


In order to have a healthy society, we must all learn to love ourselves, part of self-love is self-respect and setting healthy boundaries. Why healthy boundaries? Because there are some people who have not learned what self-love is yet and thus abuse of themselves thereby also abusing of those around them, especially the ones they love.

Setting healthy boundaries is also a way of not allowing others to interfere in one’s relationship with one’s creator/God/Goddess/universe. We mustn’t allow any invasive external factors to attempt to control our relationship with our creator because then that also interferes with creator’s plan for our life.

Self-love also sets the tone for all other relations that we have with others, it shows responsibility of the self in all forms, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental. By honoring ourselves we also honor our creator, we honor our being, our soul. Having this integrity is one of the blessings of a balanced spiritual and social life.

I am well aware that it is a challenge for most granted our history, yet it is by all means achievable with the right mindset, diligence, focus, commitment, and self-awareness. YOU are worth it.


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