The importance of developing a healthy relationship with one’s inner-child


If we observe most children they are carefree and full of joy, they enjoy living in the present moment. It is only when they are exposed to society’s ideas and norms that their free-spirited nature is then compromised, unfortunately not many survive such an attack on their free-will and conform. This is one reason why it is important to heal one’s inner-child.

Once we are in tune with the inner child we can then thrive in life’s challenges because we become detached from any result, we do things out of joy, not out of expectation or obligation. We enjoy the simple things and have no need for more than what is needed for the day (living in the present). Living so carefree gives us inner peace and freedom because we are no longer attached to the material world, we live in it but are not attached to it thus truly enjoying life and the gifts that it grants us.

Life is a gift that many lying on their death bed wish they could do over again. It is only when we are sunk in mental illness and despair that we wish for it to end, however, if we look at a thriving individual, their only wish is for it to extend and live as many years as possible.

We can overcome many challenges by healing the inner-child, but we must be willing to fight for ourselves, to be our own hero/shero in our story.

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