Have you traveled?


One thing that I can say from experience is that no two people see the same thing, nor do we live the same events. I remember one time when I was at Disneyland and I could hear an upset mother complaining and saying how she didn’t see how it was, ‘the happiest place on earth,’ and she was right-according to her perception of course.

There are people who are completely happy just taking a stroll in the park, and yet there are others who travel to exotic places to fill a void that only seems to get deeper.

So what is the best kind of place to travel to? Inside, if we learn to transform our thoughts and our actions into something positive, then a walk around the neighborhood will be just as joyful as if we were children on a new adventure. If you don’t believe me, look at dogs, they are always happy and ready to greet new friends. Are you ready to greet the world with a smile? Are you ready to see things through rose-colored lenses? Are you ready to live anew? Try it, at least for an hour, a day, or a moment and see what happens.


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