The power of prayer

Praying mantis

I spent four days in a sacred ceremony, during those four days we prayed, intentions were set, and we united. On the surface, it just appeared like traditional Native American drumming, song, and dance. However beneath it all, in other realms, our prayers were working, the energy was shifting, and healings were taking place. As a Mayan time keeper once mentioned, ‘everything happens in the eternal present,’ and that is exactly as it occurred.

During the days on my trip when I encountered challenges, I would pray, and I would take action having faith in whatever the outcome would be. I have seen the power of prayer, the power of the untainted word that comes straight from the heart to the heavens above, and if we learn to practice it well, amazing things happen.

There are many laws in the universe that are known to few because many don’t believe, however, those that do, reap benefits from practicing them. In a way, they bring a slice of heaven to earth. It is all a matter of practice, walking the talk, self-discipline, and faith. Yet many don’t get this far since many have hearts that have long closed, and the heart is a mighty portal to dimensions beyond imagination, and at the same time, once the heart is open, it also unlocks the mind.

From the reading of, ’The Autobiography of a Yogi,’ I can say, by experience that what it says is true, that whenever ‘two or more are gathered,’ prayers are strengthened. One of the great things about prayer is that we don’t have to belong to any religion to do it and we can do it anywhere and anytime. We are powerful beings, let’s step into that, let’s step into our power to pray.


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