Wonder-full Wednesday


It has been one year this month since I made a decision that shifted my life experience immensely. I decided to cut ties with a religious group that I was very involved with. I spent a year with this group trying to see if I could commit to it, in the end I had to listen to my heart-the answer was ‘no.’ I thought I could fit in because it provided me with the commodity of companionship among a group of people who practiced vegetarianism and sobriety, and the fact that they were into finding the answers to life’s most profound questions fascinated me more. But the truth was that I never could have fit in, I would have had to lie to myself in order to stay there.

It was very difficult for me to cut ties with this group, part of me really wanted to stay and felt pulled to do so, I spent 3-4 times a week with them-they were almost like family. But I knew that I had to leave, I had to follow my heart, my path, even if that meant not knowing what was in store for me on the other side. What was most difficult is not having anyone to hang out with; I wasn’t into going to bars or parties with mindless people. I preferred doing volunteer work, studying or learning something useful in life.

It has been a year since I left them, and although it was difficult at first, it was the best decision that I made. My life since then has improved dramatically, and along the way I got signs telling me that I made the right decision-it was the universe’s way of telling me it approved. It is amazing what happens when you follow your heart, the pieces start coming together one by one and life is not so much of a struggle but a flow.

But alas, I learned a great lesson-be true to me and who I am. Don’t sacrifice your heart for external pleasures or acceptance; be true to who you are at any price, your heart will love you for it.

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