Kids are people too


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”-Frederick Douglass

I was driving home recently and saw a billboard that read ‘Pregnancy help center,’ I started to think about it and something seemed wrong about the way they worded it. It then dawned on me that in my environment pregnancy has been portrayed as something of an inconvenience, a negative. This thought was further confirmed as I sat in my BioNeuroemocion class and a gentleman was talking about how he would give his sons advice so that they protect themselves from getting a girl pregnant, he said, “it will ruin your plans, your life.” Hearing this hurt my ears because my mother would always tell me that my father did not want me and that he wanted to abort me.

All of this madness has me thinking, life is a gift, children are a gift, they are not a thing to be used or manipulated-they are individual beings that also feel and hurt just like anyone else. The problem is that adults forget this; they don’t realize that their actions, their words, affect these little people.

Instead of having pregnancy ‘help’ centers, there should be pregnancy ‘care’ centers, pregnancy should not be seen as a disability, or an inconvenience, and children should not be seen as problems. We must take into account all the people who have made great contributions to humanity, someone had to say ‘yes’ to them, someone had to agree to give birth to these people, to give them a chance at life. These people are blessing to the world and they were once babies- kids are blessing- NOT problems.

As my teacher says, “We must also remember the plan of the soul,” in other words-look at the bigger picture. It could be part of your karma to have a child, or God/universe/creator has a plan for you that you are not aware of that involves having a child. In all circumstances, children are innocent, they know nothing of the world and its rules and limitations, let go and let God/universe/creation be.

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