The heart is true


Learning how to listen to your heart is one of the most peaceful protests you can make towards social progress in the world. Depending on a text to guide you through spiritual life alone can have negative effects.  It is like having people who don’t know how to feel and think for themselves, walking robots.

One thing that I’ve learned along my spiritual path is that nothing, nothing at all, beats direct experience with the Great Spirit. I’ve experienced some of the most magical moments in life which defy logic, some would call them miracles. I don’t see people who follow religion any more holy than the ones that don’t, my experience has taught me this, not a book.

I work with someone who reads the bible often- I have nothing against Jesus Christ by the way- she once told me of an experience where her mother was trying to communicate with her-her mother is deceased- but she ignored her experience thinking that it was crazy and not possible based on her spiritual beliefs. Another case that comes to mind is when people judge others as a whole based on their religion or make judgments against another based on what their religion says.

Listening to your heart will not allow any type of behavior that will create a sense of separation between you and any other sentient being that walks the earth, nor will you need the validation of a book, much less society, because within your heart lies the truth. The heart, in its purity, exists in peace, always seeing the unity in all and the one truth-that we are all created equal in the eyes of the creator.

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