I have a temporary side job that I started not long ago, recently there was a problem with payroll and it upset some people. I don’t know their exact life situation but I did notice how angry they got, though not everyone reacted in the same way. It made me reflect on the type of relationship with money that people have and how some will kill just for a dollar. From a different perspective I sat back and wondered how much different our society would look if we placed the same value on our spiritual life, or morals as we do on money.

At what point does someone say that it’s ok to be dishonest in exchange for currency? Where does the illusion that ‘possessing’ large sums of currency makes you ‘powerful’? I think living on earth people often forget about our temporary existence on this planet, we get so immersed in the material that we overlook the big picture- that at the end of it all, nothing belongs to us, everything stays and the only thing that we take are experiences. So it is based on this that we should remember to live from our authentic state of being, our soul, we should remember to not be so attached to materials or outcome on this planet, because in time, we leave it all behind.

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