What hinders people from moving forward with decisions or sticking to commitments?


Fear, they often get stuck looking at the past or get stuck due to attachment issues. Attachment to the past, attachment to old ideas, attachment to one’s comfort zone, it causes suffering on so many levels. Reminiscing on the past, though may cause joy for a moment, will hinder us from living in the present if we overindulge in it. The only thing we truly have is the present, in the present is where we have the power to make changes for a better today, a better tomorrow, and THAT is where memories are made.

Indecision, also fear-based, is what stops many from even taking one step in the direction of the life of their dreams. This can be a habit that was formed early on in life or something that may have been developed later on, either way, it is a hindrance to oneself.

There is a period that we go through when detaching from something which was once ‘normal’ or a ‘habit’ but once we are over that hurdle, our new life emerges. It is like bringing new life into ourselves, a rebirth of sorts, and that is when our new life begins. A new life, the life of our dreams created through commitment, faith, and diligence.


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