Wonder-full Wednesday


I’ve been looking for a day job to support my daydreams as a healer, I am happy to announce that I was offered a job which I accepted. The wonderful thing about this is how everything was synchronized so magically, it’s the law of attraction at work. When I was interviewing for the job, the owner expressed how he was looking for stability in the employee, later I realized that that was also what I had been searching for, ‘stability’! I thought, ‘wow, we are a good match!’ He then contacted me for a second interview and after considering the other applicants he chose me.

Although when I first saw the ad for this job I was hesitant to apply since I didn’t meet all the requirements, I decided to try anyway, I did the same thing for a different job that I also got hired for.

When you think that something is out of reach-try it-you have nothing to lose. Walls are meant to be climbed and rocks are meant to be stepped over, don’t allow small things stop you from living and reaching your goals.

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