The light on the other side


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”-Jack Canfield

There have been a lot of challenges in life that I’ve had to face, the darkness of past wounds that I’ve had to heal. I resisted part of the progress because of the pain that I would have to endure in order to face my problems, it took me a while, but I did it. After gathering enough courage and love I took a leap of faith and threw myself into the darkness of pain. I did it for my liberty, but most of all, I did it for love. It was time for me to heal, I had been carrying on with the darkness for far too long, it was time, and I was ready. It was not easy, not at all, healing came with A LOT of tears, but I did it.

I learned that on the other side of the pain was my liberty, and that if I had to face darkness in order to get there I was willing, and so I did. It was a tough lesson, but I have learned.

I also learned how to be vulnerable and ask for help, this used to be one of the most difficult things for me to do because I grew up facing challenges by myself, there were no mentors or adults in my life that I could trust, so I learned how to deal with many of my problems alone. Because of this I became really resilient, which has helped me overcome a lot of adult stresses, however it also made me a little too independent. That is where the lesson came in, I’ve learned how to reach out and ask for help, I know there are people who love me and are willing to help, people who I can trust. This has been one of the biggest steps towards my growth both as a woman and a spirit.

Growth is painful yes, but the work, the tears, are all worth liberty. Once we overcome our biggest fears/challenges things get easier, the load is a lot lighter, and so is our life. Our wings can expand and we can fly.

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