Empowerment through holistic health

When I first began digging into spiritual books, I knew very little about how my body functioned and even less so about how my mind and spirit functioned. The more I learned and experienced, the more empowered I became. Even before I began my studies, I had already started to develop healthy eating habits and an exercise routine. It is because of this that my body is able to easily recover from any germs without the assistance of any over the counter medications. I’ve learned how to manage my spirit, mind, and body to maintain itself like an ecosystem. The human body has an amazing way of healing itself; the problem comes when people don’t know how to address it or even worse- destroy it with chemicals and unnecessary junk.

At the very basis of all that exists is energy, energy has many forms both in the visible as well as the invisible world. Our thoughts literally become things, look at stress for example, when stress goes unchecked it literally becomes illness. Yet the amazing thing about this is we also have the ability to heal ourselves. Far too often I see people giving away their power to external medicines in favor of something quick and easy at the expense of their body’s own healing ability.

In a book called ‘Conversations with God,’ by Neale Donald Walsch, he emphasizes how our bodies were not created to simply decay easily. The universe/God/Source made a perfect vessel, the issue is not the vessel, it is the driver. We have been programmed to be disconnected from our very own body by not knowing how to take personal responsibility for it and instead just hand it over to some professional to take care of it like we would our dry cleaning. I’ve personally heard and seen some medical malpractice cases where someone trusted the physician more than their gut intuition. We have to remember that people are people and as such there is the possibility of error, even computers have glitches. This is why it is of utmost importance to establish a healthy relationship with one’s body.

I have a very good relationship with my body, thankfully. It’s taken me years of spiritual, mental, and physical self care to get it to where I can tell when something is wrong because my body speaks to me. It is highly intelligent just like everyone else’s. Our organs, believe it or not, each have their own ‘mind’ so to speak. If you’ve dug into as many books on self-help, health, and spirituality as I have, you’d understand what I’m talking about. I haven’t ever been the kind of person that likes depending on others for information and be spoon fed whatever lies are out there, hence my days of reading book after book just so that I can see things for myself and establish my own point of view.

There are so many tools available to help oneself now, there really is no excuse for poor health unless, that is, you’re in a developing country. Granted, there is always an exception. Learn how to connect to your body and you’ll see how amazing it truly is, who knows, perhaps you’ll even figure out a new way to heal something. The more empowered we become, the less dependent we are on external resources-that is freedom.

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