Why didn’t you say anything?

It’s a question that comes many years after a very painful secret is revealed, one that no answer can ever truly justify. What happens in the mind of a child when someone who is family violates them? What happens to the children who already have a toxic environment to deal with? Everyone has a different reaction when trauma affects them, no two people are alike, just look at the family unit. All children grow up under one roof yet each one has a different personality, like the wildflowers in a meadow, each is unique and colorful.

Love is an interesting emotion, it makes people do things that they normally wouldn’t do, and when it comes to family it gets more complicated. How do we tell someone something upsetting, something that can change the entire way we see someone? Will we get rejected, hated? Mostly, will we still be loveable?

As human  beings we have a need to feel accepted, especially by family, this is what makes it difficult to come out with secrets. We have the challenging task of choosing to continue with a painful secret or liberating ourselves from a lifetime of pain. Many, unfortunately, choose the latter and become a martyr to a cause that they didn’t choose to begin with.

I thought that I’d die with the secret, that I’d take it to the grave with me, but life would have it otherwise. My path as a healer would not permit me to carry such a burden, in fact, it would become one of many challenges that I’d overcome and transform into light. That is what a healer does, transform illness into wellness. I cannot say that it has been easy, I’d be lying if I did, yet it is the challenges that I have overcome which have been the source of my greatest lessons-they are gold.

When people speak of God most think of an outside being, something outside themselves-separate, yet as some spiritual texts will explain, God is as much outside as inside. Creator is as much a part of our being as is the blood that runs through our veins, if we are to truly love this God which so many claim to worship then we must first liberate ourselves from any pain/trauma that exists in our temple so that our Creator can be at peace within the temple of our being.

It is only after I liberated myself from so much pain and trauma that I began to see the beauty of the plan, the perfection of life itself, for me, there are no mistakes, there’s only God.

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