What is the foundation of your happiness?

Image by Peter H from Pixabay 

The only thing I know to be true is that people come and go, places change, jobs aren’t guaranteed, and death is the beginning of the next life. I learned about change at an early age when child protective services took me away from everything and everyone I had ever known in my life. This experience, and others, caused me to dig deep for something to cling to, something that would get me through the difficult moments of life. This thing was God, and although my parents were Catholic it wasn’t their God that I prayed to. I prayed and talked to the heavens above, this was how I kept myself alive.

As an adult I’ve had to make very difficult decisions but my foundation has allowed me to face adversity head-on fully knowing that I’d make it, even if I’d end up standing alone. I am loyal to my creator at all costs, to some this seems extreme, but if you were in my shoes you’d understand why. As painful as many of my childhood experiences were they have given me an advantage which many people don’t have and also gave me disadvantages- there’s a flip side to everything. If my faith is as strong as it is it’s because of my life experiences, things aren’t always perfect in the material world, however, in the spiritual world they are- perception is key.

I’ve found the greatest happiness in the simple things in life, those which are provided by God, anything less is temporary and just a distraction from the eternal bliss of Creator. Unhealthy attachment to material things creates feelings of greed, lack and disconnection. What we really seek is deep within our being-a treasure of unlimited bliss, but we must be willing to see through the illusion of the material world to find it.

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