The feminine voice

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

The more I share space with other women the more I find we have a lot in common. An experience that many of us women have is the pressure to have sex when we don’t want to. This is not only a violation of our boundaries but also a violation of the relationship. Sex becomes about him and his needs and we are just a means to an end. Part of the problem is that many of us women haven’t learned to use our voice and be firm with our boundaries. We haven’t learned to value ourselves and have self-respect.

It’s not just sex, we often find ourselves pressured into doing other things that we don’t want to but do them anyway just to please him and abandon ourselves in the process. Even if we say ‘no,’ it’s as if he didn’t hear us, like it becomes a challenge for him to keep pressuring,  to keep pushing until he gets what he wants. It becomes all about him and there is no concern or respect for the decision of the woman, for the experience of the woman. It’s like she’s invisible.

Where are women’s voices? Do they even hear us? Can they see us? Are we still repeating the same stories that our mothers lived, our grandmothers? It is no wonder the Earth is in the state that she is in, her voice is silenced because we as the feminine are her voice and just as she is being raped so are we. The Earth, like many women, constantly gives and gives while asking for nothing in return and people just take and abuse. This sort of unhealthy relationship is what is causing disharmony. There must be equal reciprocity in order for balance to be restored. It is only when we learn to take a firm stance on what we want and what we need that we will finally be heard; there will be no argument, end of discussion.

We must bring balance to the chaos, our voices must be heard loud and clear, and if our truth disturbs anyone it is their demons that are being disturbed because the divine voice of the feminine must be honored, it must be heard! Let there be no mistake that she who stands in her light brings much-needed healing to the community and it is a rare sight to see indeed. Little by little, one by one, we shall heal. And the feminine energy in men shall awaken to recognize us as they are, no less, no more. One voice, one heart, one mind.

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