Our comfort zone is our zone of weakness

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay 

It is the area where we have a tendency to remain stuck and stops us from growing. Just like a garden, we must tend to the weeds of our mind pulling out what doesn’t serve us so that one problem area doesn’t get out of hand and invade the rest of our garden. The trick is to recognize and be aware of our comfort zone and constantly work at it until it’s completely gone.

Some people don’t ever leave their comfort zone and repeat the same patterns year after year like a rat in a wheel. It’s insane but it’s the truth. Laziness is one contributing factor behind comfort zones, whether it’s mental laziness or physical laziness it keeps us stuck regardless. Interestingly enough physical fitness helps our mental state thus encourages us to make healthy life choices.

There may be great gifts awaiting us on the other side of our comfort zone, yet many will not reap those gifts because they choose comfort overgrowth. We are directly linked to the universe, therefore our thoughts are being listened to. If we think something is too far, too much, too whatever, the universe will have nothing better to do but to agree. In other words, the universe will agree that the beautiful house we want will be too much for us, the amazing vacation, too far, etc., etc. so they will not manifest.

The mind is powerful, use it wisely.

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