Celebrate your birthday

I don’t celebrate holidays, but I do celebrate birthdays. I celebrated my birthday several times this month, one which I planned and the others were gifts from the universe. Although the one I planned didn’t turn out as I would have liked, I learned a lesson from it. I learned to not put something that is important to me in hands of other people. It didn’t upset me as it would have in past years, it was a pleasant moment to see how I’ve grown, how certain things don’t bother me anymore.

Birthdays are important to celebrate, they are like a New Year celebration of one’s life, it is also the celebration of the life that our creator has given us. It is the perfect time to reflect on one’s life in the past year, things learned, and things that still need to be tended to.

This past year felt like an initiation into a new chapter of my life, letting go of old out-dated ways of doing things and moving into a more mature, open, and healthy state of being. It felt like I’ve had to really own my stuff, all of it, the good and the not so good. I allowed myself to make mistakes, to do things I didn’t ever fathom doing, but I learned from them and that’s what we’ve come to do. We’ve come to learn and experience life, not hide from it, a life well-lived is a life full of ups and downs. Sometimes we forget the fragility of our human nature and get caught up in other people’s stories or the stories that society enforces upon us. We aren’t robots, it’s ok to make mistakes, but we must learn from them and move on, not get stuck there.

I am eternally grateful for the love and relationship that I have with my creator, it is the rock of my life, my ride or die, without it I’d be a clone of a system of oppression. Because of my sacred relationship, I am able to grow and live just as I have been created to do so, and in that, I am able to serve my purpose in life, the life which each one of us has sacredly been given by our creator.

I look forward to more growth, more love, and more just being a human. Namaste.

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