Death is not the problem.

Image by Philipp Kleindienst from Pixabay 

The problem is fear. Fear of living, fear of loving, fear of one’s humanity. In order to accept life we must accept death, one cannot exist without the other. It is a poor habit for humans to attach to things/people expecting them to last forever when the only thing we are here to do is love; we are here to experience love.

Our time is borrowed, our body is borrowed, experience is all we have. We elude the gift of the present moment by getting stuck in our head rather than feeling and experiencing the moment. We want to label things/people, own things/people so much that we miss the whole point, we forget to simply LOVE them and in loving them we become free.

Why so much attachment to these things/people? It is to fill a void inside that is constantly calling us to come back home, back to the eternal present, the here and now that is complete and perfect in the eternal light of love.
Love has no boundaries, barriers, nor limits.


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