Let love in

Image by hugolein from Pixabay 

Your voice matters, the feelings you have are valid, they are worthy of coming into life and being witnessed, held, and released. There are people who are willing to listen without judgment, who desire your well-being, but first, you must agree to accept their assistance. Allow yourself that permission, to be free, you deserve it. We did not come here to just suffer, there are boundless joys to be experienced, yet we must release what does not serve us in order to make space for the light to come in.

It may be challenging, it may hurt, but it will be worth it. On the other side of our fears is our liberty. Let love in, let love in, let love in.

2 thoughts on “Let love in

  1. Standing ovation from me on this one👏👏👏 life is truly all in how we choose to see it. It’s all an illusion anyways but a shift in perception, a moments pause to see things another way can make all the difference. Love is for all. Allowing ourselves to feel it whole heartedly is a game changer. I love this post and you for writing this truth❤❤❤

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