Don’t judge the game, master it.

Image by omer yousief from Pixabay 

Life is a game, play it. The minute we start complaining and acting like victims is the minute we have gotten lost in the game. Life is a spiritual journey, an opportunity to be free, to release ourselves from birth and death. There are many distractions in the material world, a lot of illusions that stop us from breaking free. In many cases many souls get stuck and have to take birth again waiting for another opportunity for life on Earth, how many years it will take before that happens again is unknown to me, this is why it is important to take advantage of the time we have now.

Self-mastery is a challenge, it challenges us to grow out of forms of thinking that do not serve our higher selves, it requires a lot of dedication, work, and commitment. If we are not willing to invest in ourselves then we cannot expect the universe to reciprocate. Prayers are good, however, action speaks louder than words, as the saying goes, ‘God helps those who help themselves.’


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