Spiritual debt

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

There are those who are in spiritual debt because of their desire to attain material wealth. What they don’t realize is that what they are sacrificing is the only thing that is truly theirs- their soul. We get lost in the illusion that the material things that we accumulate on Earth belong to us and many become attached to those things to their own detriment. Many more get stuck in the money trap and spend their entire lives merely feeding into the system that suppresses them never realizing the dream that was in their sacred heart.

We must break the illusion that anything belongs to us, our life is borrowed, all we have is our souls, many of which remain imprisoned and will have to reincarnate until free. Not our body, our parents, romantic partners, jobs, cars, money, none of it belongs to us, at the end of this life we must surrender it all back to the Creator/universe.

What is the purpose of life? Many spiritual masters have come and answered that question, in my interpretation of their lives and words I believe the only reason to be here is to free our souls and love, anything else is a distraction, yet it’s all perfect. There are no mistakes in this world; the only error is in our perception of the truth. Each one is responsible for realizing this truth; each one is responsible for their own life, their journey, the journey back home.

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