Our paradise

Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay 

There are those who will protect their beliefs at the cost of what they feel is right, at the cost of their heart. We have learned to ignore the whispers of our heart to be misled by the logic of the mind. This is how we have become disconnected from the kingdom of the heavens and enslaved by the rules of the world.

We no longer remember what it was to be free, to have our own opinion, to follow the beat of our own heart. Many have long been trained, be it by society or their parents, to follow the rules and not question them. This is the product of ignorance, unconsciousness. Yet, by the mercy of the heavens, we have the ability to break free, to be free.

How do we undo years of unconscious conditioning? One step at a time, day by day, unceasingly, until we achieve liberation. Naturally, there will be obstacles in the way, the ignorant mind/ego will not give up easily, it will put up a fight, this is where one’s will and inner strength will be tested, but at the end of the battle, lays our freedom, and that’s worth all the sweat, tears, and sacrifice, that’s our paradise.

3 thoughts on “Our paradise

    1. Always, that’s because it’s connected to our higher selves, the ego-less one, the eternal one. Everything is subjective to our perception, in the eyes of the creator everything serves a purpose, everything is love. The problem has been that we have forgotten who we are thus see the world through dark lenses.

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