Handing over our rights

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay 

When an individual works diligently at achieving something, they place a high value on it because of the investment it took to get there. Whether it be education, weight loss, competition, or overcoming an addiction, these things require a certain level of self-discipline and commitment which is why not many reach such achievements. Such is the feeling when an individual leaves an oppressed environment, they value the freedom which they had to fight for.

This is one reason why I believe many are simply handing over their human rights without giving it a second thought. They did not have to sacrifice, suffer, or spill blood in order to enjoy the freedoms which they have been given. It’s as if all the civil rights marches and wars from the past have been forgotten by a people who have enjoyed the commodities that many so painfully sacrificed for. All of it gone because of fear, fear by a people who don’t know what it is to truly live life who have been conditioned to accept mediocrity over the value of hard work and the sweat of one’s brow.

Truly if we are to rise we must come back to the essentials which have built foundations for people to prosper. We must establish within ourselves timeless values such as courage, integrity, honesty, and such. These are attributes of the greats, of people of honor. We are capable of reclaiming our human dignity and respect, one step at a time but we must do so from the center of our heart, our sacred hearts.

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