Where is our freedom?

Image by TheFunkypixel from Pixabay

Only during times of trial do we see an individual’s true colors, how they behave tells of their character and spiritual evolution. Some rise up and meet the challenge head-on fearlessly while others allow the darkness to envelop them falling into the hole of hopelessness and despair. We can see the worst of humanity and the best of humanity.

Humanity’s current state of evolution can be observed by the way in which the Coronavirus has been handled. Many have chosen fear over faith and love, scarcity over abundance, greed over generosity. We’ve allowed the pollution of our sacred hearts in exchange for temporary material goods and a false sense of well-being. We have forgotten what is important, we have forgotten who we are, we have forgotten our Creator.

It’s disheartening to see how low we have come, to see us hand over our power to the material world. Where is the faith that we claimed to have? Where is our focus? Where is our sovereignty? Where is the love?!

We have the power to create change in the world, yet we have been programmed to follow the rules, follow the crowd, stay in line, not speak up. We only make a ruckus when we are forced out of our comfort zones or one of our commodities gets threatened.

In the kingdom of the heavens, there is enough for everyone; only on Earth is there the mentality that there is not enough. Many deny their inherent creative powers succumbing to the earthly limits of the mind while others rein the kingdom of their hearts leading the way for human evolution.

We are at a time on Earth where we can reclaim our freedom, not the kind that is packaged up by the media telling us what to do, what is safe or not safe, or by a government who represses its people, but the kind that allows for every individual to fulfill their spiritual path and reach its highest state of consciousness. We don’t have to settle for the scraps of misery, suffering, and mental poverty; we can reclaim who we are at our deepest level. We can be free.


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