Where the magic is

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

Our feet were created so that they pointed forward and that is the direction in which we should move. Only look over your shoulder when you must remember how far you’ve come. We create from the present moment with hope of what may be, yet it is up to the universe to ultimately decide what is.

Our ears were created for listening and that is what we should do, yet we can also listen with our intuition, with our bodies. The only time we should shut down listening is when we must take action, that requires a different state of being. There is a time and place for everything.

All the answers are within our being; we must simply sit and observe the marvelous creation that we are. That’s where the magic is.

3 thoughts on “Where the magic is

  1. Ahhhhhh so well stated. I have recently gotten to experience this by immersing myself in myself for a solid week. A vow of silence, introspection and examination of my own intuition. It’s quite beautiful and yes, that IS where the magic lies. Beautiful. Thank you for the reinforcement my friend 🙏


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