Everything we need in life…

Image by Lars_Nissen from Pixabay 

Everything we will ever need in life is written within the cells of our being, within our heart, that is where true power lays. Quite often I see people’s ego lashing out at others, at the media, at society, etc., although this may help vent out some frustration, in the end, it’s not the solution to the problem. We must remember to return to our source, to our power to truly be able to grasp the meaning behind pain, injustice, unhappiness. It is easy to forget and get lost in the maze of everyday problems, this is why a spiritual practice is so important, it helps ground us and refocus on what really matters.

There are programs in society that tell us that we are powerless, that life is a 9 to 5 job, marriage, birth, and death. Yet this is so short of what we are truly capable of as human beings. If we take the example of some yogis in India, we can see what the mind can accomplish once we learn to harness our mental powers. The problem in the West is that we often get distracted with entertainment, petty issues, or just plain stuck. How do we get to the next level? Commitment, faith, and hard work.

The problem with this is that the ego puts up excuse after excuse as to why something is too difficult, or why we can’t do it, or that it’s not possible. Yet there are countless examples of people doing extraordinary things, so it’s not that it’s not possible, it’s that we simply quit while the going gets tough. This is why many don’t reach the peak of their abilities, they lose faith or have no self-confidence, they allow their fears to take over rather than their unyielding heart. We must stop playing the role of victims if we are to truly win at the game of life, we must take responsibility and own our power because at the end of this game, we take nothing. It’s all just an experience, an opportunity for becoming free, for becoming conscious. Don’t miss out, take a chance on love, take a chance on faith, take a chance on you!

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