Tend to your garden

Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay

When we get distracted by other people and society’s problems we forget to tend to our own home. It is easy to try and help others, yet when it comes to our own issues we get stuck or just avoid them altogether. Why is that? That’s because it requires dedication, discipline, and a willingness to make changes within ourselves, and depending on the issue, sometimes courage.

All of this requires a great deal of energy. Sometimes we get stuck in the illusion that it’s easier to just help other people, and while that can be honorable, we must also see the intention with which we try to help others. Is it because it makes us feel better? Or is it because we need recognition? Or are we just avoiding something? The ego can get in the way of even the most innocent acts of service.

Tending to our own garden isn’t just a necessity; it is also a social responsibility. By taking responsibility for what’s in our own backyard we become more self-sufficient and also better able to lend a hand to others because we’ve already done the work ourselves. We are also less of a liability for others and can then focus and work on greater things. But we first have to take care of ourselves; this is not being selfish, it’s being mindful, it’s being conscious. We must till the garden of our minds and weed out what doesn’t serve us because what doesn’t serve us doesn’t serve anyone. We are a micro of the macro so what we bring into our environment matters.

Love matters, let’s learn to love ourselves better, take care of ourselves better, and in this way, we also take better care of the world.

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