Some of the best medicine

Image by Steffen Frank from Pixabay 

Some of the best medicine is hard to swallow, this includes the truth among many others. Many resist hearing the truth because it shatters the foundation of beliefs that were based on lies. Eternal truths, truths based on love and light cannot be shattered, these are the truths that elevate us and help us grow.

The ego feeds off of lies and the distortion of the truth, this is one reason why some people cannot handle the truth. They identify with the ego more than who they truly are- eternal beings of light. Personally, I don’t force my ideas/way of living on anyone (to the best of my ability that is, I’m human and make unconscious mistakes). I do, however, share what works for me and if that helps someone else great, if not, all is well.

We must learn to honor each other’s journey and spiritual progress, sometimes going slowly and gently is just what some people need. It keeps them from getting too overwhelmed and afraid of the process that will help heal them and elevate their consciousness. Love is patient, let’s not let our ego get in the way of it. In the end, it’s not about us, it’s about something much greater, we are merely the pawns through which life expresses itself.


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