Gratitude prayer

Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay 

Thank you is a complete prayer. Sometimes when we pray we get something we didn’t expect, this is usually because we haven’t been versed in proper communication and rules of the universe. This is why thank you is always the best prayer, it’s simple and to the point. When we pray from a space of emptiness or ignorance we sometimes attract the very thing we didn’t want.

Gratitude simply acknowledges that which we already have and what may already be on its way. As some writings state, our creator already knows what’s in our hearts and sends us blessings before we even request anything. Having gratitude also helps us focus on what is already right in our life, that energy then attracts more of it.

Thank you for the air we breathe, thank you for the life I have, thank you for allowing me to serve you, thank you filling me with love, thank you for your light, thank you.

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