During darkness

Image by truthseeker08 from Pixabay

When it starts to get dark, it’s good to keep a light on. Sometimes that’s a good friend on the other line, a sweet melody, positive affirmations, a prayer, maybe even exercise. These things are important; they are a source of focus, a stream of light for love to shine through. We keep these things handy to anchor us until the dark passes through, it always does, nothing ever stays the same, that’s life-ever changing.

Nature teaches us that there is a season for everything, that things are born, transform, and die. We too are like nature, it is all interlinked, when we come to accept this we learn to be at peace with it all, death, birth, the in-between- all of it. We can live in the world yet not be disturbed by its ever-changing nature, that’s the path of the master. The Buddha taught us this, as well as many other masters.

A spiritual practice is not something you do for fun, it is something to help us along the journey, to be a friend, a companion during those turbulent times when we need an anchor. It also serves as a light during times of darkness. It helps us remember who we are and that we are not alone. Remember to keep your light on, sometimes yours will be the light others may need in times of darkness.

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