The normalization of dysfunction

Image by Manuel Selbach from Pixabay 

It appears to me that our dysfunction has often been made normalized in the media, and sometimes even celebrated. It is not that we should be ashamed of our scars and traumas but rather we should attend to them in a civil manner, in an honorable light, with truth, love, and integrity. Drinking heavily is something that is often part of the ‘In’ crowd and anyone that doesn’t participate in this type of abuse is considered lame and boring.

I had an experience a few weeks ago which up until someone spoke on the matter I thought was ‘normal,’ at least in my experience it has been. It was quite eye-opening when someone mentioned it as being abusive. Many of us live lives like this, thinking and accepting of abuse as ‘normal,’ because that’s all we have ever known and experienced. It’s not until someone who is healthy and heart-centered mentions what is not acceptable that we continue to live in our dysfunction.

We need to speak up on matters of life that are important, the taboo topics especially, because many live in the darkness of ignorance suffering violations which are deemed as ‘normal,’ when in reality they are not healthy. It is only when we bring things to the light that we can shine the light on them. Therefore we must continuously and fearlessly speak truths to protect what is honorable. Even if it’s just one voice, it matters, it counts.

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