Heed the calling

Image by Maryam62 from Pixabay 

Not everyone heeds their calling; many remain complacent and stuck in life while others experience the full benefits of life on earth. It takes action, courage, faith, discipline, and diligence in order to become great creators. There are various different things that motivate an individual to leave their comfort zone in order to pursue, ‘the dream.’

Personally, what has motivated me to pursue my calling is humanity; I have a difficult time sitting on the sidelines when I see someone in need. My heart pulls on me and tells me to do something. Having survived many challenges in life I know about pain and suffering, I also know how difficult it is to heal from such trauma, and because I have healed from many wounds I know there is hope.

A year ago this month I decided to surrender to that calling, to follow the signs and walk a path that I had run from for many years. I couldn’t turn a blind eye on humanity’s suffering any longer so I decided to leave everything I had ever known my entire life to follow this dream. It was painful letting go and saying goodbye but I knew in my heart that I would regret not having taken that leap of faith.

The lessons I have learned since then have been a huge blessing, I’ve become more aware of my resilience, intuition, and adaptability in challenging situations. Most of all, I’ve realized the power I have to do what is necessary in order to achieve the results that are necessary to do what I must do. It is said that life is the real school, it tests us in ways that no written exam can, and many don’t even step up to the plate to take the test.

It is easy to talk, walking the talk is the true challenge, the true test of one’s ability to perform and own one’s power- that is what truly speaks of a person’s character. Much can be said about taking action in life versus just sitting on the sidelines and talking about big things. It is the doers, the ones that take action that are the true heroes in life, they are the leaders. Are you leading your life? Or are you sitting on the sidelines? Go ahead, I dare you, take a chance on life, take a chance on you. I love you.

3 thoughts on “Heed the calling

  1. I’m super curious about what change you made and how you have realized your calling. I feel very similar to you, that’s why I gravitate to your writing. We share the same spiritual outlook. Good stuff my friend 😊

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      1. 100% it’s the 1st one that starts the momentum and then watch out!!! Every experience I have had since beginning my healing journey and return to self has taught me so much. Many blessings to you my friend🙏😊

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