The use of will power

Image by Johann Reinbacher from Pixabay 

Our will power is like a muscle, if we don’t use it it will atrophy and we then begin to feel like victims, powerless. It is important to use the free will and power that we have been given in order to better understand ourselves more and know how to use our power. By use of our powers, we harness the co-creative force that is inherent in all living beings.

We have the ability to create amazing things; the problem is that many of us have not used our powers so we lack the faith and energy to do so. We can look at great leaders and use them as guides to create our dreams and remember the power that is within us. Many miss the opportunity to live the life of their dreams because for one reason or another they forget who they are, they forget their powers or get stuck in some form of earthly distraction.

It is a great gift to not only be able to live on earth but to also be given the gift of creative force, we must simply use that special muscle, take action, and let the magic happen.

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