The importance of a spiritual practice

Image by Silentpilot from Pixabay 

I had a talk with a friend of the importance of a spiritual practice in our daily lives. The purpose of this is to remember our inherent powers, those that are divinely bestowed upon every being, those that remain dormant until we choose to exercise our will to engage in them. It is these powers that allow us to whether a storm untouched and the ones that remind us of the drama of life and all its ups and downs. When we tune into these powers, we are just a vessel for the heavens to pour into, an instrument of love.

Still, many of us get caught up in the daily struggle of modern life and forget what’s really important, what matters at the end of the day of this temporary thing called life on earth. There have been many spiritual leaders to show us the way, the path to live on earth and be of service to humanity, to love, yet not all souls are ready for such an eye-opening journey.

I have a regular practice of meditation which allows me to train my mind to sit still in the present, the place where all things matter and all things are true. Yet I have not practiced long enough to master this art so I seek other means of inner attunement. I like to go out and walk in nature, it reminds me of our eternal essence and of what really matters, it helps free my mind simply being there.

Whatever your practice is, just remember not to get too caught up in life that you forget to live, to enjoy, but most of all-Love.

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