Sharing love from a healed space

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay 

Love has many forms; there is the love between friends, the love between family, animals, and lovers. I’m a love fool, I love easily and I love unconditionally, this gets me into trouble sometimes because not everyone understands what I’m sharing with them and others abuse of it. I’ve had to learn how to share in a way that does not harm me, most of all; I’ve had to learn to love without attachment. And I’ve also learned that it’s ok to love, that it’s safe to do so, it’s safe to be me- a loving individual.

Considering the trauma of separation from my parents as a child, forming a healthy attachment with others has been a challenge. I’ve come far in my healing process regarding this event, yet it still requires polishing, trial, and error. I allow myself the gift of being human and making mistakes, it’s helped me a lot. I’m grateful for the people that allow me that space to simply be and to humble myself and apologize when an apology is needed.

We are all people, in the end, we are human, we are deserving of love, we are worthy of it-it’s our birthright. I continuously learn from others and my interactions with them, I see parts of me that still need healing and parts of me that have much to offer. My life hasn’t been a flat-line of events, nor has my healing journey, it’s been an up and down journey- one which I am honored to say I have walked the way I have chosen and not by anyone else’s dictation.
How do you share love in the world?
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