Not everything that looks good is good

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay 

The illusion of what we see in front of us and what our mind makes it out to be can be a tricky one. This is why it is always best to follow our intuition, our heart and what feels right. And it’s is also why comparing our lives to the ones of celebrities or our friends/family is not productive. Behind what appears to be something great may be something dark and unpleasant.

Many walk in life in denial of the truth because the truth is too much to handle, the ego thrives on lies and deceit which is why, when confronted with the truth, some people will deny it immediately. This is one reason why, whenever I encounter someone who projects an illusion of a lie, I am reminded to step back into my space and take responsibility for my life without giving care as to how someone else lives theirs.

We are only responsible for our own life, that’s it, the rest is in the hands of Goddess/Universe/creator. Yet when we truly take responsibility for our own life it creates a great impact on the greater whole because we are a micro of the macro-all of which is interrelated.

So what is real? Only our heart can tell us that, let us not be blinded by the stories of the mind and remember to tune into that ancient form of communication-our heart.
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2 thoughts on “Not everything that looks good is good

  1. Yay a celebration of truth and self!! Shifting from my mind to my heart has made all the difference. Love is the highest vibration and you are do right, most can’t handle it. Drilling down to the root, the core of who we are and what we stand for is not for the meek at heart and constitution. I really really enjoyed this post my friend🥰❤

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