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There is a quote that says that people can only meet you as far as they are willing to meet themselves. Sometimes we are the ones getting in the way of our happiness, we put up walls so that others can’t touch us, excuses so that we don’t leave our comfort zone, and worst of all-we speak negatively about ourselves. All of these are clear signs of a person who is hurt and in need of healing.

Not everyone is willing to see their pain, however, it hurts too much to allow love in because in order to allow love to heal the pain we must be willing to open up old wounds and face the past. That is the only way to shed light on our life, it is not easy, yet it is the best thing one can do in life. Some of us have circled the earth several times already, so the thought of having to reincarnate to experience pain again is not something we look forward to, needless to say, we do the painful task of healing ourselves thus liberating our being from another lifetime.

To those who are in pain and in need of healing I say this; just do it, do it your way but do it, commit to yourself, you’re the best investment in life, nothing else matters but you-you matter- you are important. And please, let some of us in, we just want to love you, we have no hidden agenda, just love, just love.
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