Doing the conscious thing


Doing the conscious thing is not always the easiest thing to do; however, it is always the best thing for our well being. Acting from a space of consciousness allows us to be in tune with our highest being; this then connects us with the higher intelligence called-God, Universe, Jesus, Buddha, etc. Therefore it only makes sense to do so because by being connected to the higher source we are also allowed to flow with greater ease and less stress.

The resistance to doing things consciously is due to the ego’s pull, we are used to doing things a certain way and when we begin to be more conscious the ego then loses its hold on us-it loses power. The more power we harness from our higher selves the more in tune and self-empowered we become. It is something that may be accomplished one step at a time or immediately depending on one’s own being. Nonetheless taking conscious action is the highest form of love.

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