How to help the world

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If we truly desire to make a difference in the world we must start with ourselves. We are a reflection of the world; we make a difference based on what we bring to the table in every interaction and every word. This is the energy that we bring to our environment so we must take responsibility for it. That is where our true power rests, within our being.

As much as I love people and it pains me to see their suffering, I know that I cannot do for others what I myself cannot do for me. I must undo my pain, my trauma in order to be of service to others. It is only when I understand my path that I can better dissect the pieces that helped me along the way; it is those pieces that I can then share with others. We must use our own power if are to ever be free.

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4 thoughts on “How to help the world

  1. I love my freedom, which is how I’m inspired to do my own inner work. From an early age, I loved the idea of being of service to others (key motivator), and so felt pressed to realize I couldn’t do this in any elegant way if my soul was flopping all over the place in agony.

    “Just Do It,” says Nike. Invest in a pair of trainers and let’s get going!!!

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  2. I really like what you’re message is here. I too believe I must heal myself first, be the change I want to see in our world. I’m an empath and I say that I use my gifts for me first and foremost. Last June I had an accelerated growth in my spiritual journey that I haven’t felt the same since. It is a different freedom and an inner peace that I have never had in my life before. Mine has been a journey of pain and trauma and I’m beginning to understand that those of us who suffer, heal ourselves and come out with a greater level of consciousness have a duty to lead my life in a way where I show the world my true authentic self. A return to the spirit I have always been but had amnesia in this human vessel we arrive here occupying.
    I’m very pleased to meet another Maria, that is my real name, who writes about spirituality and consciousness. I write poetry too. I would be honored if you checked out my blog at
    Have a fabulous day my friend💜😊

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