Garden of friends

Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay 

What better blessings can the heavens bestow upon us than a divine friend? I spent many years looking for friends that I felt understood me, that understood the things that I wanted to share with them, it is only now in adulthood that I feel I have finally found such friends. It is such a blessing indeed to be able to walk alongside others who also reach for the stars who also believe in love.

Before these friends arrived I learned to be my own friend, to take myself places where no one else wanted to go, to be with myself. I found that I wasn’t alone nor felt lonely when I went out with myself; I did what I enjoyed and found others who also enjoyed the things that I did. I will admit that when I first started going out with myself I was scared at first, but then I got over it, especially because I really enjoyed the things I did such as dancing. It was easy to forget the fear once the fun kicked in.

I didn’t let time pass me by to enjoy life as I waited for the friends of my dreams to come, it would have been several long sad years if I did, but I didn’t. The new people in my life add to me and challenge me in healthy ways that allow me to grow. Love is the basis of these friendships, without love they would just be another distraction in my life, but they aren’t, they are the beauty of flowers in the garden of my life. And I love them so.

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