The best things in life…

Image by Giani Pralea from Pixabay 

The best things in life aren’t things, that is why the wisest do not bother with accumulating material wealth but rather leaving a legacy. That is the true mark of an evolved being, once we get past the illusion that we ‘own’ things then we can focus on what really matters-people. Why people? Because we have the ability to help each other in our paths, whether it’s creating dreams, healing ourselves, evolving spiritually or simply loving one another.

In an environment where we learn to love one another everyone and everything-animals, the planet, etc.- flourishes. We create a paradise where we may live in peace and harmony. I am aware that we are far from that at this very moment, but I am simply placing a seed in our thoughts as to the possibilities that we have. And in one seed there are thousands of possibilities to flourish. Let’s plant seeds of love and watch them grow.

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